Recently, the Colorado Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights held a public meeting at the University of Denver to discuss Colorado’s Constitutional Blaine Amendment (known as the “no aid clause”) and the impact it has had in Colorado.

To read more about the public meeting: CLICK HERE

In 1875 Congressman James Blaine proposed an amendment (Blaine Amendment) to the U.S. Constitution.  The Amendment sought to exclude from government funding schools that taught “sectarian” faiths (mainly Catholicism).  The amendment failed to pass the Congress, but 38 states, including Colorado, adopted some form of the Blaine Amendment in their constitutions.

The Committee has requested that the public send comments to the committee to oppose or support the amendment; after that, the committee will gather the comments and interview small groups impacted by the amendment.  Finally, they will produce a report, published at the federal level.

The CCC opposes Colorado’s discriminatory Blaine Amendment (“no aid clause”).  We hope that you will join us in sending comments to the committee stating your opposition to this amendment.

Comments may be sent to: (please be sure to include your name and address)
Colorado Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
1961 Stout Street
Suite 13-201
Denver, CO  80294

Blaine Amendments continue to further anti-Catholic prejudices throughout the United States and in Colorado.  They hinder parental choice and innovation in education and are unconstitutional because they force churches to choose between their religious character or participation in a public program. (Please feel free to add your own comments)