Colorado Bishops Respond to Executive Order on Refugees


January 30, 2017

(Denver, CO).  As Bishops of Colorado we believe in the human dignity of every life, including the lives of the refugee and the immigrant. That is why we support the United States’ leadership on refugee protection, which both Democratic and Republican administrations have upheld for decades.  It is our strong desire that the current administration will continue to support this much-needed refugee program while continuing to advance the safety and security of the rigorous vetting process that refugees must go through to enter the United States.

The vast displacement of people throughout the world causes people to seek refuge in welcoming countries that provide freedom from persecution.  Every year the U.S. resettlement program saves the lives of thousands of people, including thousands of innocent children, who are fleeing war-torn areas of the world that are hotbeds of destruction, oppression and violence.

Colorado is home to hundreds of refugees who have escaped persecution in their homelands and sought a better way of life here in the United States.  We hope that all people of good will heed the Gospel message that calls on each of us to welcome the stranger in a spirit of hospitality and solidarity.  Let us pray for the men, women and children that are displaced from their homelands – may God watch over them and protect them.