Today, in the House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee Colorado Democrats, on a party line vote, defeated the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act (HB 1112).  The bill would have ensured that any child born alive during the course of an abortion would be entitled to appropriate and reasonable medical care and treatment.

It is deeply disappointing that Democrats on this committee choose to vote against protecting innocent, defenseless human life.  The federal government and a majority of States have adopted Born-Alive Infant Protection legislation; it is a great misfortune that Colorado couldn’t do the same.

In 2002 when the federal Born-Alive Infant Protection Act was being voted on in the United States Senate, Democrat Barbara Boxer in voicing her strong support for the legislation remarked “all of our people deserve protection, from the very tiniest infant to the most elderly among us.”  Below please find the final outcome of the House Public Health Care & Human Services Committee vote; the Colorado Catholic Conference extends its sincere thank you to those who voted to defend life today.


  House Public Health Care & Human Services
  Rep. Dianne Primavera D HD 33 NO
  Rep. Jonathan Singer D HD 11 NO
  Rep. Kathleen Conti R HD 38 YES
  Rep. Jessie Danielson D HD 24 NO
  Rep. Justin Everett R HD 22 YES
  Rep. Joann Ginal D HD 52 NO
  Rep. Janak Joshi R HD 16 YES
  Rep. Lois Landgraf R HD 21 YES
  Rep. Jovan Melton D HD 41 NO
  Rep. Dominick Moreno D HD 32 NO
  Rep. Lang Sias R HD 27 YES
  Rep. Max Tyler D HD 23 NO
  Rep. JoAnn Windholz R HD 30 YES