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Momentum is building for late-term abortion ban on the Colorado ballot as “Due Date Too Late” campaign gathers thousands of signatures in their effort to submit 20,000.

During the first four days of a two-week Cure Period, the Due Date Too Late effort collected thousands of signatures from many communities around the state in support of Initiative 120. The initiative would prohibit abortion in Colorado after 22 weeks, with an exception for the life of the mother.

Due Date Too Late submitted the bulk of the needed petition signatures in March. The Cure Period began on May 15. Due Date Too Late needed to acquire 10,000 additional signatures of registered Colorado voters during the 15-day cure period to meet the 124,632 threshold and qualify for the November ballot. The remaining petition signatures will be turned in to the Colorado Secretary of State on Friday, May 29.

“We are excited to see the momentum build as this cure period continues. We are proud of the success we have had thus far, and are working hard with many circulators around the state to reach our 20,000 goal for signature collections,” said Lauren Castillo, spokesperson for the Due Date Too Late campaign.

Turning in 20,000 or more signatures by May 29 should assure that the ballot initiative will meet the statutory threshold. The field collection effort by Due Date Too Late continues amid a recent executive order by Gov. Jared Polis regarding how petition signatures may be collected.

Initiative 120 has broad-based, bipartisan support in Colorado. Nationally, Americans are also beginning to embrace culture of life. According to a recent Gallup poll, 74 percent of Americans believe that there should be limitations on late term abortion.

If you are a registered Colorado voter who has not yet signed the petition for Initiative 120, please sign-up at to be contacted at this link: click here.

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