Your help is urgently needed and there is limited time to act. Won’t you please click here now to defend the dignity of human life? The National Institutes of Health, (NIH), has recently announced its intention to lift its moratorium on funding research that involves injecting human embryonic stem cells into animal embryos thus creating part-human and part-animal organisms known as chimeras. This means that, for the first time, the Federal government will begin spending taxpayer dollars on the creation and manipulation of new beings whose very existence blurs the line between humans and non-human animals.

Public comments in opposition to this unethical research are currently being accepted. However, the window to act is tight; comments close on September 6 at midnight. Comments may be submitted electronically or by mail. A suggested message and instructions on how to submit comments, as well as further information about the ethical issues involved in the research may be found in the Human Life Action Center here.

Please act now. Comments submitted by post should be mailed by September 1 to insure they arrive at NIH by Tuesday, September 6. All comments must be received bymidnight (EDT) Tuesday, September 6.

Thank you for raising your voice in defense of human life and dignity. Together we will be heard!