HB 19-1123 would address a misalignment between state and federal laws governing the usage of 529 college savings accounts. If this change is not made, parents who use their 529 savings for K-12 tuition payments could face potentially severe tax penalties as early as this year.

HB19-1123 is scheduled for a hearing before the House Education Committee at 1:30 on Thursday, February 14. If the bill does not survive that hearing, the chance to align Colorado and federal 529 law will be effectively lost this year.

If you or someone you know has a 529 account in the state of Colorado, it is critical that committee members hear from you about this bill.  

Connect digitally with members of the House Education Committee using an online campaign in support of this important bill. CLICK HERE  to contact members of the House Education Committee and let them know how important it is to protect Colorado parents who choose to make use of the new federal 529 flexibility.