The Colorado Catholic Conference SUPPORTS SB18-120: Time Period for Tenant To Cure Unpaid Rent. 

Currently Colorado law does not require landlords to accept any payment made after three days.  Three days may not be enough time for a tenant to pay the full amount of overdue rent – or even get a hold of the landlord – in case of a financial emergency.  SB18-120 would allow a tenant to pay overdue rent up to the day before a response to the eviction action is due.  This would ensure that a tenant has sufficient time to address the complaint, and encourages full compensation for the landlord.  This would not preclude the landlord from charging and collection late fees for the late payment of rent. 

The Catholic Church implores our State, our leaders and our people to understand how vitally important housing is to our families and communities.  Forced moves can have a domino effect that leads to poverty, job loss and homelessness.  Housing instability for families with children may also destabilize family relationships and children’s education.  The Catholic Church understands that too many families cannot find or afford decent housing and many families must spend so much of their income for shelter that they forego other necessities, such as food and medicine.

SB18-120 is a step in the right direction that recognizes the moral and human dimensions of housing issues that many of our brothers and sisters face.

ACTION: Please contact your State Senator, by clicking the link below,  and ask him/her to SUPPORT SB18-120.